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March 12, 2018

As change accelerates, ASU must be a place where students return again and again to build skills for multiple shifting careers

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by Mary Beth Faller, Arizona State University

ASU President Michael M. Crow says thirty years from now, by 2048, ASU will have created new ways of engaging with learners through technology, he said. But not recklessly. “We do need to be careful about technology. We’re finding ways to enhance learning, not replace learning. We’re finding ways to enhance reality, not replace reality,” he said. The new “national service university” model will be less rigidly connected to age than the current system of preschool and then K-12 followed by technical school or university and then a career. “We’re evolving a model capable of being of service to all learners, at all stages of work and learning, from all socioeconomic backgrounds, through education, training and skill-building opportunities,” he said.

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