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January 8, 2018

What Is ‘Open?’ Openwashing and the Half-Truths About Openness – Henry Kronk, eLearning Inside

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by Henry Kronk, eLearning Inside

The term openwashing, as defined by Audrey Watters, is “having an appearance of open-source and open-licensing for marketing purposes, while continuing proprietary practices.” Others, however, believe that openwashing refers only to open-source code. A marketing campaign or technology vendor, therefore, might use the word ‘open’ to refer to any number of qualities. Administrators, educators, and students, might hear the word ‘open’ and believe to mean something besides what they have read or heard. This may very well be the reason why a majority of college professors do not trust vendors who seek to bring their courses online and make them ‘open.’ When contemplating an ‘open’ educational resource or technology, therefore, make the following distinctions:

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