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August 24, 2011

Ivy League Online Learning: e-Harvard.400

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by Eli M. Noam and Nadine Strossen, Harvard Magazine

Harvard started as a small local seminary. Students and faculty got there by foot, boat, or horseback. Information arrived the same way. But in the nineteenth century, transportation and communications improved rapidly and Harvard became a university to the nation. With the arrival of the jet plane, it reached the world. How should the new, powerful means of electronic communication shape Harvard’s scope? They have already enabled new forms of online and distance education. For-profit and public universities and second-tier private universities have used these enthusiastically—though not always successfully—to expand their reach and serve nontraditional student pools. But should an elite university such as Harvard extend exclusive Ivy League education beyond campus? In the past, students came to Harvard. In the future, Harvard will come to the students, wherever they are.

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