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May 30, 2017

Who is MasterClass for? Talking to the people who take online classes with big-name celebs

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by Lizzie Plaugic, the Verge

Nick Kennicott lives in rural Georgia, so when Gordon Ramsay asked him to go buy truffles and sea urchin to make an omelette, he balked. “I can’t get sea urchin and white truffle,” he said. “They’re like $500 per ounce.” Kennicott is a student in Ramsay’s MasterClass, an online course made up of 20 videos, each under 10 minutes long. The video recipe that called for sea urchin and white truffle is called “Make: Elevated Scrambled Eggs.” In it, Ramsay stands in a pristine, well-lit kitchen and monologues about the importance of not overcooking your scrambled eggs. This technique is the first thing he learned in Paris, he says to camera, and he’s going to teach you how to do it in this six-minute video. This is an insiders-only tip.

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