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April 20, 2016

Learning online? You’re not alone: Returning to university and switching career at 45

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by Women’s Agenda

So, say for example I’m a 45-year-old woman considering a new career and want to develop my skills through online learning. What advice would you give me or what questions should I ask myself before starting? Start with believing in yourself. Ask yourself, what do I really want? Focus on the area of study that you are interested in. If you’re afraid, embrace it and break the fear. Go with it anyway. Online education does scare some people because of the technology – it certainly did for me. But it’s not that hard. It’s so user-friendly and is not something to be afraid of. All the support systems at CSU are there to help you. Even with the time difference, I have a live librarian and professors I can ask questions. You need to also ask yourself whether you can you block off some time from your family, your friends and your work for yourself to benefit your career. Don’t dwell on the long-term. The time is going to pass regardless.

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