Faculty Alert: You Can’t Put the Mobile Genie Back in the Bottle

By Toni Fuhrman, Campus Technology

Way back in 2013, in a research report on the bring-your-own-everything (BYOE) era of higher education, Educause Chief Research Officer Eden Dahlstrom and co-author/CIO Stephen diFilipo cautioned: “Device proliferation is manic, and unmanaged growth could result in a ‘tragedy of the commons’ situation, where too many devices find their way to campus networks too fast and institutions find more opportunities lost than taken.” Fast-forward to today, and higher ed IT executives and faculty are still struggling with the ongoing job of catching up and keeping up with student expectations regarding mobile devices and mobile infrastructure. “Faculty is not adopting mobile as fast as students are demanding it,” commented diFilipo in a recent interview. “We’re dealing with 17- and 18-year-olds that live, breath and literally sleep with their mobile devices. This is a whole ecosystem. The mobile device is their power base. It is, in effect, their ‘car’ — a source of freedom, mobility, and identity in an age when kids are not as free to roam about as they once were.”


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