Examine the Benefits, Drawbacks of Online Learning for Introverts

By Jordan Friedman, US News

Experts agree that online education certainly has its benefits for introverts, particularly when it comes to partaking in group discussions and thriving in more personal settings. Introverts are also usually good listeners and can better express themselves through their writing rather than verbally. Still, online education has its drawbacks for introverts as well. The most obvious benefit of online learning for introverts centers on class participation, experts say, because in many online courses, students have more time to answer questions. “You don’t have this notion of a 10-second wait time from a teacher to have to respond to; you can respond an hour later or a day later – whenever you feel you have contemplated on the idea enough,” says Curt Bonk, professor of education at Indiana University—Bloomington and author of ​”The World is Open: How Web Technology is Revolutionizing Education.”


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