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September 21, 2015

Digital Game-Based Learning

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By Bill Daggett, Raymond J. McNulty, Brian M. Shulman, SNHSU

Online and digital delivery of K-12 learning, including digital game-based learning (DGBL), is exponentially growing in usage and in functionality. Teachers, who bring hands-on knowledge and expertise to the table, typically welcome a sense of involvement in strategic decision making from administrators. Educational leaders, however, need to be drivers, not passengers, on this journey and guide the evolution of digitally enhanced learning so they can shape and direct its emergence and usage. Both teachers and educational leaders can then use DGBL to focus on their ultimate goal of student growth and achievement. Students can and should be drivers in the process, too. Professional educators need to “own” DGBL so they can make their own larger organizational agendas part of DGBL’s emergence, implementation, and usage.

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