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September 20, 2015

Are Online College Courses The Way to Go?

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by Christopher Ly, elPaisano

If you’re the type of student who doesn’t mind being an individual learner and loves to study by yourself and you usually don’t tend to have issues with reading and understanding what is given to you, then the online classes may suit you. But if you’re very weak in the area of math for example, I’d recommend taking the course in person, in a classroom setting instead of online because the online course limits the amount of help you’ll receive from the professor. I am not very great at math and had issues with learning the subject when I took it online, and as a result ended up dropping the course due to my ability not to understand the problems and finding it difficult to communicate with the professor to help me with the problem that I had. If you are a responsible, self-disciplined student that is computer literate then you should do just fine in an online course.

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