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April 28, 2015

Babson Report That Says Online Learning Growth Is Slowing Misses Big Picture

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by Michael Horn, Forbes

Some research has suggested that the growth of online learning is flattening. Much of the reduction in the rate of growth is because one segment of higher education—for-profit four-year institutions—recorded the first-ever drop in online enrollments of 8.7 percent. The fact that online learning still grew illustrates growth in public four-year institutions and private non-profit four-year institutions, remains quite strong. But even more significantly, the data is increasingly incomplete. First, the research purposely only counts online learning that is taken in a distance-learning environment. Blended delivery of online learning doesn’t count toward the data. The other challenge is that increasingly, much of the growth of online learning isn’t just in accredited higher education institutions, but in unaccredited institutions that advance adult learners in their career pathways.

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