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December 25, 2014

From Needs Assessment to Communities of Practice for Online Continuing-Education Programming

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by Alaina Feltenberger Beaver, Fenimore Johnson, Caroline Sinkinson; OJDLA

This study identifies the professional development needs of instructors teaching online using quantitative and qualitative methods. Twenty-six participants from a convenience sample at the University of Colorado, Boulder’s Division of Continuing Education (CE) were surveyed in a Faculty Needs Assessment (FNA) that was open to participants from September to October of 2013, and six of those participants self-selected into an open focus group interview in November 2013. Survey participants were asked questions about skills and knowledge gaps, learning preferences, and other support needed to help advance their professional development. Focus group participants were interviewed to provide further detail about the themes that emerged from the survey. The findings revealed specific pedagogy and technology training needs, platform preferences for the delivery of training and community engagement, and barriers to professional development. The results of the study provide direction on designing a learning and performance strategy to meet instructors’ professional development needs.

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