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November 27, 2014

Clayton Christensen talks disruption in education at UVU

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by Amy McDonald, Daily Herald

Clayton Christensen’s coined term “disruptive innovation” is the idea that innovation should allow people at the “bottom of a market” to access a product or service that was previously only available to people with a lot of money. In higher education innovation, he said, Harvard is behind. “Online learning makes education so much more affordable and accessible that all these people that couldn’t come to Harvard Business School to get their management education, now they can do it,” Christensen said. “And it’s not as good, but it’s good enough.” Christensen also said it is good to have a mix of old- and new-style products. “With online learning, if we are trying to compete with online consumption — that is, people who just don’t have access to higher education, we can do it purely online,” he said. “For the rest of us, who are in the mainstream of higher education, if we wanted to use higher online learning, it has to be a hybrid.”

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