AT&T and Udacity Launching Business-Led “Nanodegree” Based on Real-World Needs

A new kind of online training program designed by businesses will prepare thousands of workers and job-seekers for high-demand jobs in the tech industry. Carving out a fresh new category of on-line degrees, AT&T and Udacity will launch the first nanodegree program this fall in the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) format. The first courses will focus on entry-level software skills.  Udacity will manage the program with personalized coaching and career services. AT&T will provide direction on course content. AT&T and Udacity will support diverse access through scholarships. AT&T will offer up to 100 paid internships for nanodegree graduates. Students will be certified for the skills they learn through this new educational pathway. The nanodegree will be fully recognized for entry-level software jobs at AT&T. Udacity and AT&T are encouraging other businesses to recognize the first nanodegrees. New nanodegrees from additional companies are being developed over the coming months.

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