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April 20, 2014

How Google Has Changed Student Research

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By Katie Lepi, Edudemic

You know how some days, you feel older than others? I always tend to feel old when I look at education trends and examine just how far technology has come since I was in graduate school (which really doesn’t feel that long ago). Even though I was in graduate school during the late 2000′s, many things still had not made the jump to being technology based. Many things were tech based, but some of the big stuff – like research- had only come about halfway. While I certainly wasn’t sifting through paper records to find out what library had the books I needed for a lit review, I still had to call the library to order them (they didn’t let you request interlibrary loan online at that time), wait for the physical books to arrive, and then schlep them home to sift through them. I’m sure many of you have the same reaction to this as I do – blech.  The handy infographic linked below takes a look at how Google has changed student research with a special focus on graduate students.

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