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December 23, 2013

The Next Phase Of Online Education: 24/7 Digital Video Channels

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by Ariel Schwartz, Fast Co-exist

Want a new skill? Now you can channel flip at any time of day, just like on TV. Walk into CreativeLive’s airy San Francisco studios and you could be forgiven for thinking you’re in just another snazzy software startup office. That is, until you open one of the closed doors and notice the cameras, producers, presenters, and live studio audience. Co-founded by photographer Chase Jarvis in 2010, CreativeLive offers free, live online workshops taught by experts. You won’t learn how to code in CreativeLive classes (online education startups like Udacity and EdX can help with that), but you could learn about photography, design, the music business, e-mail marketing, and other hands-on topics. Think of it more as a replacement for enrichment classes at a community college than high-level classes at a university.

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