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September 2, 2013

Internet is future of higher education says University of the People

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by Ginny Skalski,

UoPeople uses collaborative peer-to-peer learning with the guidance of instructors. We believe this model provides a more enhanced and empowering experience—creating a truly global classroom where students from around the world can discuss not only course materials but also learn about different cultures. Open Educational Resources (OER) as well as the open source technology Moodle are adapted by our volunteer course developers and redesigned to fit into the curriculum for our four degree options (B.S. and A.S. in Computer Science and Business Administration). UoPeople tries to make sure that a student with any Internet connection, even the most rudimentary one, is able to access our courses and study at our university. For this reason, we do not use video or audio in our assigned coursework; these items require a broadband connection. Additionally, in our effort to provide access to higher education for all students worldwide, we have kept our course material asynchronous to accommodate students from various time zones. We have seen that our model is successful and meets the needs of our students. Over 95% of UoPeople students recommend our program to their peers and cite UoPeople as a great place to study.

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