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April 11, 2013

How To Use Multiple Choice Testing As a Learning (not Assessment) Tool

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by Cathy Davidson, Hastac

For my proposed Coursera course on the History and Future of Higher Education–intended for high school and college teachers, students, parents, and students themselves–I am designing every segment not only to give history and analysis of the forms of education we have inherited from the Industrial Age that invented so many of them, I also plan to pass on concrete advice I’ve gleaned from the thousands of teachers I’ve met of how to learn with, through, around, and often despite the clunky apparatus of contemporary education. I’ll be giving advice on ways to be creative within structures that seemed designed to squelch creativity and how to workaround some of those structures. And I’ll be giving totally non-cynical advice about how to use the testing that is required in so many schools around the world to actually help learning, critical thinking, and creative thinking. Thousands of teachers do it. I want to pass that on to those taking my course.

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