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February 12, 2013

LTE-Advanced Is Poised to Turbocharge Smartphone Data

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By David Talbot, Technology Review

By combining data from multiple antennas and frequencies, ultrafast wireless technology is poised to turbocharge 4G. In the latest test of future wireless bandwidth, Chinese handset maker ZTE and carrier China Mobile last week described achieving a peak download speed of 223 megabits per second in experiments involving a network technology known as LTE Advanced. Users’ appetite for mobile bandwidth seems insatiable. Cisco Systems estimates that mobile data traffic will grow by a factor of 18 by 2016, and Bell Labs predicts it will increase by a factor of 25. “Data traffic has been growing,” says Michel Peruyero, senior director of product evolution strategy at Alcatel-Lucent, which is developing small base stations, called small cells, that include the new LTE Advanced features. “If you stay with only LTE, you can only support a certain number of users. With LTE Advanced, you have significant increase in data rates, or the same data for many more users.”

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