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February 1, 2013

Just when you thought it was safe to BYOC, now there’s ‘cloud sprawl.’

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by Ken Hess, ZDNet

The real problem with personal cloud services is security. And I’m not necessarily referring to hackers breaking into accounts or attacking personal cloud provider’s sites. I’m strictly speaking of security concerning corporate data. If there are, let’s say, twenty different personal cloud services available to consumers in addition to the corporate cloud storage options, you’re looking at the beginnings of cloud sprawl. Everyone has his own preference of service. Dropbox might work very well for John in Marketing but for Betty in Accounting, Box is her choice. And Bill in IT prefers SkyDrive, while Martina, the CFO, only uses Google Drive. I think you’re getting the picture of the problem of cloud sprawl. You have too many disparate sources and too many places where your company’s data is stored. And, the data owners–the company owners–may have no idea that this kind of thing is happening.

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