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November 9, 2012

Creating an atmosphere of innovation? Just Google it!

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By Carl Hooker, CIO Advisor

The cafeteria at Google has an almost biergarten style, with lots of long tables set up throughout. This set-up insists people from various groups sit together and hopefully strike up a conversation about a project that could revolutionize the industry, or just make life simple. They have several “micro-kitchens” set up throughout the complex to extend the old-school water-cooler conversation to something a little more modern. The micro-kitchens have all the amenities of home with an almost college dorm-like feel to them. Inside these you’ll find a large cappuccino machine, a cooler full of exotic waters and energy drinks, and even a ping pong and/or foosball table for a quick break. The basis of all of these Googly locations throughout the building is to force collaboration in a gentle way. I have to say, education could stand to learn a thing or two from their rationale too.

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