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August 28, 2012

The Rise of Customized Education

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by Lindsey Burke, Education Views

Daphne Koller, co-founder of Coursera, an online learning platform that offers free courses to anyone in the world from some of the U.S.’s top universities, explains the massive potential customization that online learning holds. Koller describes how one of her Stanford colleagues had over 100,000 students enrolled in a machine course online. “So to put that number into perspective, for [the professor] to reach that same size audience by teaching a Stanford class, he would have to do that for 250 years.” Koller goes on to describe a Princeton Sociology 101 course hosted on Coursera, which included a question-and-answer forum. Students from all over the world enrolled in the course, which meant that if a student was up at 3 a.m. working on an assignment and posed a question, “somewhere around the world, there would be somebody who was awake and working on the same problem,” Koller explains. As a result, in some of their courses, the median response time to student-posed questions was just 22 minutes, “which is not a level of services I have ever offered to my Stanford students”

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