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July 25, 2012

Lessons learned from MITx’s prototype course

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by MIT News

In the end, almost 155,000 people registered for 6.002x. Of those, roughly 23,000 tried the first problem set, 9,000 passed the midterm, and 7,157 passed the course as a whole. While the rate of attrition may seem high, Anant Agarwal, the president of edX and a professor of computer science and engineering at MIT, points out, “if you look at the number in absolute terms, it’s as many students as might take the course in 40 years at MIT.” Agarwal also believes that the rate of completion will increase as more courses are added to the edX catalog. “In some sense, this course popped up out of nowhere,” he says. “It requires a background in physics, a background in calculus, a background in differential equations. Over time, edX will have courses on each of those three prerequisites, and we can point students to those courses if they don’t have the background.”

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