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January 9, 2019

A techy transformation: Technology is changing classrooms, altering how and what students learn

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By Kaysey Price, DL-Online

“Technology gets a bad rap. People think we’re putting their kids’ eyes in front of these screens, and instead of reading in a book, they’re reading on a Chromebook. That’s not what we’re doing. We still have books,” said Rhonda Fode, an instructional coach at the Detroit Lakes High School.¬†Yes, kids are still reading from books and getting out a freshly sharpened number two pencil to take notes. The difference is that now they have this supplemental learning tool. At the high school, it’s a personal Chromebook and all the programs and information that the world wide web can provide. Sometimes, having that world at the tip of a student’s fingers is distracting and potentially troublesome but, more often than not, at least in a classroom setting, it’s really useful.

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