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June 27, 2010

Technology taking high schools to new heights

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by Darlene Casten, Western Wheel

Students in Holy Trinity Academy’s New Media class are now working in 3D from here to eternity. The school acquired three new machines that have modernized the New Media program. Teacher Kevin Crawford received a $313,000 grant from the Provincial government in 2007. Over the next two years Crawford purchased three machines that have changed how students do work in the classroom. Holy Trinity Academy new media teacher Kevin Crawford with a 3D model created by a student and built in a 3D model created by a student and built in a 3D printer purchased last year by the school. A 3D printer was Crawford’s biggest purchase. It allows students to print 3D models they create on computer software. The machine builds the model using a fine dust and binding agent. The sculpture is created layer-by-layer and can take hours to build. It is also costly to operate. The school charges $3.50 per cubic inch to students who want to print their model.

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