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May 31, 2012

Intel wants to take computers to school and make them learn

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Marc Sanchez, Marketplace

Researchers at Intel are looking into building a computers that get smarter with age. The machines will figure out our day to day routines around the house, or wherever computers live these days, and try to incorporate that data into useful knowledge. Hopefully the phrase “try to incorporate that data” doesn’t mean learn our dumb, human ways and commence with the invasion.The research, to be carried out by the Intel Collaborative Research Institute for Computational Intelligence along with specialists from the Technion in Haifa and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, is aimed at enabling new applications, such as small, wearable computers that can enhance daily life.  For example if a user leaves his car keys in the house, the device will in the first week remember where he left them and by the second week will remind the user to pick up his keys before leaving home, Rattner said.

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