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November 28, 2018

Gamification Vs. Game-Based Learning

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by ATD

Gamification is more than a buzzword; it is a trend that is shaping how content providers connect with users and keep them engaged in the long-term. In the world of e-learning, people use game mechanics and game design elements to create a new learning experience adapted to the expectations of today’s learners. These game mechanics are typically found in video games to make the whole process fun, engaging, and social.¬†Game-based learning is often confused with gamification. Game-based learning is about acquiring new knowledge and applying new concepts by playing games.¬†Some companies develop mobile or desktop-based games for training purposes. These games are typically simulations of situations learners will encounter in the workplace. For instance, a game that requires learners to play through scenarios where they have to choose from different dialogue options to achieve a desired outcome can improve customer relations skills.

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