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May 13, 2012

Three Uses for Khan Academy

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by Logan James Ivey, Hack College

If you don’t know, Khan Academy is a free online educational website that consists of an amazing set of videos (over 3000) made by the amazing, Salman Khan. Khan uses a Wacom type of tablet and a headset to make videos to teach a variety of subjects. Khan Academy is mostly known for Khan’s mathematics and science videos but he also covers economics, art, history and more. Khan has made hundreds of videos for math including ones covering about every subject imaginable in algebra. The best thing about Khan Academy is that not only are there thousands of videos on multiple topics, but they are taught extremely well; he is definitely the teacher you dream of having in college. Khan explains more than just how to do problems, but actually gives you the intuition behind them. Khan Academy can be very a handy reource, and here are three good reasons to use it.

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