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October 22, 2018


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by Anthony P. Carnevale, Jeff Strohl, Neil Ridley, and Artem Gulish, Georgetown University

In the post-World War II period, workers with a high  school diploma or less were able to attain jobs with
middle-class wages in American industry. Good jobs were available in manufacturing and other blue-collar
industries that employed large numbers of high schooleducated workers. But as automation, globalization, and related phenomena have led to major structural changes in the American economy, economic opportunity has shifted toward more educated workers with higher skill levels. Whereas two out of three entry-level jobs in the industrial economy demanded a high school diploma or less, now two out of three jobs demand at least some education or training beyond high school.2 Today, there are three pathways to good jobs, each defined by education and skills: the high school pathway, the middle-skills pathway, and the bachelor’s degree (BA)pathway.

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