How YouTube Wants To Make Itself More Nonprofit and Activist Friendly

BY NICK JUDD, Tech President

When The New York Times began its coverage of the revolution in Egypt last year, YouTube videos led its blog posts. One of the most interesting experiments in online education, Khan Academy, began as a series of YouTube videos. Google’s video-sharing site continues to power Khan Academy’s tutorials. And YouTube has been reaching out to nonprofits with products like branding capabilities that aren’t publicly available, and a feature that allows nonprofits access to a Google Checkout-powered “Donate” button. Now early Google employee and former YouTube product director Hunter Walk leading is “YouTube for Good,” an initiative formalized last year to make the video site more useful to activists, educators and nonprofits. The initiative draws on time contributed from existing teams inside the company, but also relies on a small and growing staff — when I spoke to Walk on Thursday, he was on the hunt for an engineer — to work specifically on products for those groups.

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