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April 16, 2012

Florida colleges fear boost in high-tech cheating

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By Scott Travis, Sun Sentinel

Florida’s colleges are on high alert in the battle against what they fear is a growing number of tech-savvy cheaters. Smartphones and social networking have made cheating easier and more widespread than ever, some say. And experts add that if schools don’t crack down on the dishonesty now, there could be long-term consequences for society. “Do you want to drive over a bridge designed by an engineer who cheated his way through school?” asked Jen Day Shaw, dean of students at the University of Florida. “Do you want to be operated on by a surgeon who cheats? If the students don’t learn honesty and good values here, what are they going to do in the real world?” Students will start final exams during the coming weeks, and the stakes can be huge. A poor grade in even one class may be enough to squash a student’s chances to get into graduate school. For those already struggling, it can mean the difference between graduating and dropping out.,0,3605621.story

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