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March 18, 2012

Game consoles like XBox and PlayStation killing future innovation – Raspberry Pi CEO

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by Claire Connelly, Herald Sun

Remember the 1980s, where you could write your own computer software and program it to do all sorts of nifty tricks to impress your friends? This joy of discovery is what the tiny, programmable Raspberry Pi computer is trying to save, says founder, CEO and Cambridge graduate Ebon Upton. Though some gaming companies like XBox were beginning to come out of the closed platform cave, (Microsoft released the source code for the Kinect free last year), Mr Upton told gaming consoles were killing technological progress because they were not programmable by default. “I think it’s unfortunate these programmable machines were killed by PCs,” he said. “Though some PCs are technically programmable, they don’t try and tempt you into programming. I think these closed platforms are a threat.” The Raspberry Pi on the other hand is the size of a credit card and provides all the basics any programmer would need for just US$25.

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