Now You See It: Gamification of FYC?

By Lee Bessette, Inside Higher Ed

On Friday, we went to the computer lab, watched this video, and then spent the rest of the class playing and then discussing Ayiti: The Cost of Life and Spent (special thanks for Mark Sample for the suggestions). These two games were great because they were largely text based so didn’t rely on fine motor skills. They were like the Choose Your Own Adventure books I used to read (and throw across the room in frustration). The games were a huge success and largely unwinnable: it’s almost impossible to keep a family of five alive in rural Haiti for four years. Between a lecture about the economic realities of rural Haiti and playing an interactive video game about living in rural Haiti, I know which one would have more of an impact on the students. And, telling your students that you’re going to spend time playing video games makes you instantly more popular. Your colleagues, however, look at your weird.

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