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July 12, 2018

Which do millennials prefer, online or traditional learning?

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By Sadaf Ghiasy, Times-Call

Both traditional learning and online learning demand hard work and dedication for students to have the opportunity to achieve satisfactory results. With the increase in social networking resources, the personal interaction for online students has been made as interesting and effective as traditional learning. However, time management remains to be a major concern particularly in online classes where it may encourage laziness, unlike in traditional learning where students are obligated to be present in class, ask questions and get prompt answers. The learning style in traditional classrooms might be important only for auditory learners, but the learning style in online learning is easy because students only need to read the text and see examples to understand. Social interaction is also widely encouraged through traditional education where students get more opportunities that assist them to understand better. Although online learning also encourages social interaction through video chat and online discussion posts, it does not assist students to better understand reading materials.

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