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January 25, 2012

Kansas City school allows students to bring laptops, smartphones to class

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BY JOE ROBERTSON, The Kansas City Star

Kathleen Teel can certainly see why most schools ban students from bringing their iPads and smartphones to class. All she has to do is look around. This is what Notre Dame de Sion High School gets for being one of the first to go BYOT, allowing students to “bring your own technology.” Teel, a biology teacher, ranges among girls clustered in noisy twos and threes around a smorgasbord of computing options. And her classroom, because it sits in a reinforced basement, can’t seem to produce enough Wi-Fi to go around. So groups of girls have taken to the hallway, sitting with laptops on their knees to snag better connections.

Regrets? Certainly not.

This, say administrators, teachers and students at Sion, is the way it should be.

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