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November 6, 2017

Blockchain Can Solve Disputes Using the Ultimate Jury Pool

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By Frank Ohlhorst, RT Insights

Jury.Online bills itself as “the future of dispute resolution,” and may very well be exactly that. Founded by a team of Blockchain experts, and built on the Ethereum Blockchain, Jury.Online is designed to bring smart contracts to fruition and establish a methodology where deal-related disputes can be solved by expert judges. In essence, the platform works by helping to broker an agreement by two counterparties looking to make a deal (see video linked below).  If the deal cannot be completed, resulting in a dispute, Jury.Online incorporates the tools for the deal to be reviewed by a panel of semi-anonymous jurors.A decentralized digital dispute resolution system can solve such problems, removing the risk from international deals and establishing a relationship that is backed by incorruptible technologies. What’s more, it becomes possible for smaller deals to take place, helping businesses to grow beyond their physical borders. Smart contracts also bring other benefits to the table, allowing deals to be created that support milestone payments, multilateral contracts, pledge and collateral services. All of which are in high demand in with modern businesses.

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