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October 24, 2017


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by Catherine Welch, WMFE

Facebook, Instagram and Skype are finding their way into classrooms. From our Education Desk, 90.7’s Catherine Welch talks with University of Central Florida professor Richard Hartshorne about the integration of technology in teaching called blended learning. Hartshorne: So blended learning involves a lot of things but combining traditional face to face environments and online learning environments and mixing those together, so blending them into a single environment. Welch: One of the things you’re looking at is whether these students like this blended learning: what they like what they don’t like. What are you finding that they like and what ages are you looking at? Hartshorne: Primarily we’re looking at middle and high school students. So we’re looking at what are factors that facilitate completion, what do students like, what do they not like, what are teacher activities and teach characteristics that support student satisfaction with the courses, that support student achievement with the courses.

Education Desk: Blended Learning Brings Technology Into The Classroom

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