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October 27, 2011

Livescribe’s Echo Smartpen drags the humble pen into the 21st Century

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by Martin Bryant, The Next Web

The traditional pen is fast approaching extinction. Personally, the only time I use one these days is to sign a cheque or greetings card (both equally facing their demise). That said, there’s no reason that the pen can’t be given a hi-tech reboot, and that’s what Livescribe’s Echo Smartpen does. While the Echo has been around for some time, I was recently given the opportunity to try one out. With the device’s Pro Pack (more on that below) having been launched in the UK this week, it seemed like a good opportunity to give it a review here on The Next Web. The Echo’s main function is to transform things you write or draw into digital form. It works with special paper which has an array of tiny dots printed across it, as well as command icons at the foot of each page. The device comes with a notebook featuring the paper, and you can buy more or print out your own. Tap the ‘Record’ icon and your Smartpen will begin recording a ‘Pencast’. These are ‘recordings’ of everything you write, draw or otherwise mark on the page with the pen.

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