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June 17, 2017

Online education program lets a cowgirl be a cowgirl

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by Doug Clark, Spokesman-Review

Let me tell you a story about readin’, writin’, ridin’ and ropin’. The tale is as much about the modern cyber age we live in. Because of that, public school can be tailor-made for even online cowgirls like Evelyn Picking. Evelyn is 13. She lives on 100 acres of cowboy country, fine rolling ranchland just outside of Omak, Washington. She’s also part of a long line of ropers and rodeo wranglers. Leo Moomaw, for example, Evelyn’s great-grandfather, established his homestead here, breeding and raising quality stock for the professional rodeo circuit. Evelyn was introverted and lacking in confidence. Her grades suffered. Something had to be done. The answer came last October, when Evelyn started taking her classes through the Washington Virtual Academies (or WAVA). An online charter K-12 program, WAVA lets students take classes over the internet. One of dozens of similar programs, WAVA, which is free because it counts as public education, is monitored by the Digital Learning Department that was created in 2009.

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