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February 24, 2017

La Crescent-Hokah snow days could soon be online learning days

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by Alex Graaff, Houston County News

By the end of January, La Crescent-Hokah School District had three snow days. Two could be re-categorized as back-to-back ice days, and the third was a school board gamble to make up for an error on the school’s calendar in early January. It is only a guess as to how many more snow days this school year will see. In preparation for next year’s winter, La Crescent-Hokah Superintendent Kevin Cardille has put together a plan for the future years’ potentially excessive snow days: requiring students to work online, rather than losing an entire day of learning. “At my last district, they were already doing this one year before I came here,” he said. “We already have Lancer Learning HD; electronic learning. It’s an expansion of what we are already doing in the district.” La Crescent-Hokah Secondary School Principal Steve Smith also sees the sense in a transition to online learning days on those snowy winter days.

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