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January 10, 2017

2016: The Awesome, the Painful, and the Viral

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By Vicki Davis, Edutopia

The past year saw ideas both good and bad spreading ever faster. How can we make our best teaching ideas go viral? But at a minimum, every teacher should care about classroom best practices. Those should be like gold. If I find something bottle-flippingly awesome in my classroom, shouldn’t I share it with my networks? Shouldn’t it go viral just as fast and far as Chewbacca mom? To be fair, lesson plans are being shared in some places. There are bubbling communities of educators at Teachers Pay Teachers and on many OER websites, where people are excitedly sharing and iterating on great educational resources. Amazon even entered the space earlier this year. Although many rush to condemn these efforts, and mainstream education media generally ignores them, I predict that one day education best practices will go viral. Things stay the same faster than ever. With a few exceptions (noted above), we’re seeing more irrelevant materials, faster.

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