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January 9, 2017

8 Things You Should Realise If You Think It’s Too Late To Start Afresh

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by Vinay Devnath, Story Pick

Your career is never done for, even if you are well past what you think is your “due date”. This wouldn’t have been true a few decades ago. The only way you could get a job was if you went into a specific field and studied and worked hard to gain experience. Any other course other than the one you chose was not really accessible. Today, it is common to see people foray into education they find interesting even when they are in middle age. The truth is, that starting afresh is never too late. Yes, there is always insecurity gnawing in the form of a doubt, but there are many reasons that will put your mind to rest and with resources like edX, the leading nonprofit online learning destination founded by Harvard and MIT, there are plenty of courses and programs from top universities and institutions that you can access for free.

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