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November 23, 2016

What To Do With A Millennial Employee That’s Bored At Work

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by Kaytie Zimmerman, Forbes

According to a recent study released by Udemy, young millennials (ages 21-24) are nearly twice as likely to be bored at work (38%) than Baby Boomers (22%). Udemy’s report found that bored employees are twice as likely to leave or job hop in the next three to six months. Millennials aren’t necessarily bored because they are neglecting responsibilities. In fact, they may be so efficient or tech savvy that they complete their work faster than less apt peers and find themselves with extra time. The news isn’t all bad though. According to Intelligence Group, 64% of millennials said they would rather make $40,000 a year at a job they love than $100,000 a year at a job they think is boring. Pay millennials less and challenge them more? You bet. While it may not be the best move, the statistics speak for themselves. The sweet spot of efficiency, employee engagement and retainment is where a talented employee is frequently assessed for boredom and challenge level, but is still adequately compensated for their work.

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