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February 27, 2011

Technology Skills for High School Graduates

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by eHow

Emilio Alvarez has a B.S in computer science from San Diego State University and a minor in music composition from Southwestern College, San Diego. He has been writing since 2002 and has published short stories with a Editorial Dunken, (Buenos Aires, Argentina), where his work is part of a Spanish anthology: “El libro de talleres.” You just graduated from high school and you have realized that having technology skills will be an important factor in the development of your career and employment opportunities. Acquiring the necessary skills greatly depends on your area of interest, since technology is involved in various industries, such as information technology, avionics, medical technology, mechanics, or media arts. Fortunately, there are a range of educational options that can get you up to speed with technology skills in broad and specific areas. These include vocational schools, technical institutes, online programs or community colleges.

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