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September 19, 2016

New Report on Personalized Learning Recommends Use of ‘Learner Positioning Systems’

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By Dian Schaffhauser, THE Journal

Achieving personalized learning in schools takes good technology programs, suggested a new report from Digital Promise. But it also takes something else: “learner positioning systems.” These “LPSs” are akin to a GPS, except instead of telling people where they are geographically, they’d be used to help students and their teachers get a grounding in where the students are in their learning journey. That information might cover “a map of learning topics and progressions [and] a bank of programs and resources tied to the learning map.” The use of the LPS, stated “Making Learning Personal for All: The Growing Diversity in Today’s Classroom,” would help the student “self-identify” his or her strengths, preferences and challenges, set learning goals and find the appropriate resources to help meet those goals.

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