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August 28, 2016

Pokemon Go… and Global Success Skills?

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by John McCarthy, Edutopia

Not since Minecraft has there been an entertainment program that captures the imagination of so many people. Pokémon Go is addictive for blending imagination from the Pokémon game world into the real environments of our communities. Establishing a learning culture of mutual support for growth is important at the start of and during the school year. Group students by teams with the charge of helping each other collect the same Pokémon into their respective Pokédex. Use the Pokémon Go app to set one or two Lures on or near campus, depending on the number of participants. This will encourage students to migrate between locations rather than standing around. To adequately complete the task, set a number of Pokémon to catch during a specific time period to ensure that all students stay active. Have teams submit their individual Journals (under the player’s name icon) to verify their participation. The Journal tracks each achievement with a timestamp, such as Pokémon caught and items received from a PokéStop.

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