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June 30, 2016

ePortfolio: Changing the Rhetoric of Technology Adoption A Q&A with Trent Batson

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By Mary Grush, Campus Technology

In a recent blog post, AAEEBL president Trent Batson pondered “The Edinburgh Challenge: If ePortfolios are so great, why aren’t more people using them?” Here, we talked with Batson about a reframing of the notion of ‘ePortfolio adoption’ and how that may ultimately help promote the technology. Mary Grush: Where are we in ePortfolio adoption today? Trent Batson: The numbers are encouraging. Educause, in its annual survey of undergraduate use of information technology — which is sent to undergraduate students in 55 countries — shows that well over 50 percent of students use ePortfolios at some point in their college careers, and ten percent use ePortfolios in all or nearly all of their courses. It would be hard to find an institution in any of those 55 countries that doesn’t have an ePortfolio program in some form or other.

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