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May 30, 2016

New trend sees higher ed bootcamps go 2.0

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Coding bootcamps are step one, new 12-week data science bootcamps from accredited parties are step two. It seems that coding bootcamps are so 2015. For students eager to get into a burgeoning field that pays well, data science bootcamps promise to be the new oases amidst hiring deserts. Starting this summer and continuing throughout the fall, third-party hosts, such as Metis and NYC Data Science Academy (NYCDSA), are offering 12-week programs in data science for students that have some beginner’s knowledge of coding and/or statistics. The impetus behind these trending data science bootcamps, say creators, is largely due to reports from career research websites, like Glassdoor, which say positions in data science fields not only aren’t getting filled—leading employers to offer high-paying salaries—but will only increase in number of positions available in the future, providing stability within the field.

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