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May 12, 2016

Summer classes: worth the cost to get ahead

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by Madison Heller, Denver University Clarion

Summer classes: are they worth the money, or the time? Summer is supposed to be a break from school. These months tend to be spent lounging by the pool, swimming at the lake or eating snow cones with friends: stress-free months that allow us to recharge for the fall. However, there are a lot of strong reasons that suggest summer classes are in fact worthwhile. First, consider the price. Summer classes boil down to $1,199 per unit. For a typical four credit class, this means $4,796 in direct costs. The cost could quickly add up if students need to stay in Denver while attending DU’s classes and then the additional cost of a textbook or two. The cost is definitely something to think about when considering online classes. If you are not going to take the class seriously or use it to further your academic progress, then don’t bother. But, there are a lot of reasons for taking summer courses that make the price tag worth it.

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