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May 10, 2016

Hands on with STEM

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By Dian Schaffhauser, THE Journal

Just because you’re using a computing device to do something doesn’t make it STEM-friendly. Here’s how to know if your classroom technology is speaking the right language. When the students walk into one of the seven courses that Livesay oversees as a STEM teacher, they quickly learn one thing: What they do will be hands-on. And that makes the difference between a STEM lesson plan and a traditional lesson plan: the real-life component. As an example, he said, “If you were teaching a lesson on how to figure square footage of a room, it’s just length times width. To make that a STEM lesson, you could have tape measures in the room and after doing stuff on paper, the kids would pick up a tape measure and measure the room and do the calculations. It’s student-centered learning instead of teacher-centered.”

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