Are MOOCs the future of education?

by the Aquinian

Imagine if you could lay in bed all day, not have to talk to people, pick and choose what you want to learn, and still get an education at your own pace – for free. Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs, are kind of like that. They are online university courses open to the masses and accessible online. To some, MOOC sounds like the name of a goofy cartoon character, but to many, these are considered to be the future of higher education. For Ryan Elliott, 26, MOOCs provide him with extra bits of education that compliment his job as a fulltime instructor at the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps School. “Being a good student is essential in being a good instructor,” he said. Elliott is taking two MOOCs on Ancient Chinese philosophy and Sustainable Urban Development through edX, as well as Physics through Udacity. He is also studying trigonometry, calculus and algebra on a similar program, Khan Academy.

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